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Welcome to Dark Cave Malaysia - The Cave of Life

What We Do

Education Tours

Be amazed on our Educational tour as your journey winds through limestone passages carved over million years ago. Our education officers will guide you through the cave as you learn about the magnificent limestone formations, the cave biodiversity and ecosystem and the conservation efforts underway to protect and preserve the Dark Cave for future generations.

Adventure Tours

You can also book for Adventure tour in advance to experience the wilder section of the cave system! Twist and crawl your way through this three hours spelunking adventure with our experienced guides as you learn about the cave.


Caves are non-renewable natural resources which benefits and enrich our lives in many ways, a few which are scientific knowledge and education or recreation. Other than conducting low-impact visits into the cave, aligned with our mission and objective, our Scientific Unit is also monitoring the cave microclimate and population of some of the cave faunas.

Code Of The Cave

Dark Cave is a very special place with a fragile environment, rich in animal life. You can ensure that future generations can also have a chance to enjoy this cave by:  

Staying on pathway at all times, No smoking and no littering, Do not touch the cave formations, Follow your guide’s instruction, Do not shine torchlight and camera flashlight directly to bats!

At Our Core

To promote awareness, appreciation and knowledge of conservation for cave and karst in general, and the rich ecosystem of Dark Cave in particular for our future generations and to manage and protect the Dark Cave for conservation as the main guiding principle for management. This management would allow Education, Research and Tourist recreation.

Recent News

Disclaimer Note

Disclaimer Note

  We wish to clarify that Cave Management Group (CMG) is not…
The New York Times: In the Dark Cave, Fearsome Living Fossils

The New York Times: In the Dark Cave, Fearsome Living Fossils

Dark Cave Conservation site was featured in New York Times. A great…
Major threat to our National Heritage Site – Batu Caves!

Major threat to our National Heritage Site – Batu Caves!

Lim Teck Wyn gave out conservation message in his speech during the…
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Dark Cave Tshirts Now For Sale

Hello everyone! Dark Cave T-shirts are now up for grab! It makes…
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