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Our science-based nature tour programs are designed to promote awareness, appreciation and knowledge for cave and karst conservation in general, and the Dark Cave in particular.

You will find a wholesome, enriching educational and fun caving experience in a scientifically significant tropical cave environment of the Dark Cave ecosystem. It is home to an ancient animal community of over 100 million years old. Our Educational tour program allows visitors to explore this natural heritage and provide levels of experience that can have our curiosity, respect and compassion increased. For teenagers and adults, the Adventure tour program offers challenge, teamwork, fun and confidence-building.

Things To Remember

Is this your first time into a cave? No worries! All you need is a few simple preparations:

Kindly note that the Batu Caves Temples has a regulation implemented for all visitors to the Temple Cave. Before going up the stairs to the temple, visitors must adhere to the dress code.

Visitors are not allowed to wear short pants or skirt (above knee level). At the entrance, scarves are provided for rental. Visitors will be have to pay RM5 to rent a scarf and RM2 will be refunded upon returning of scarf.

Please dress appropriately for maximum comfort during tour. It’s best to wear comfortable clothing and shoes that give you a good level of traction; sneakers are ideal (visitors are NOT ALLOWED to go in barefooted).

The cavern environment is a constant 27º -29º Celsius and 85-90% humidity, year round. For the safety of our guests and preservation of the cavern, large bags, backpacks, food and beverages, etc. are not permitted in the cave.

Bring water to drink before and after the tour.

Wheeled devices and strollers are also not permitted in the cave.

Bring your camera! We encourage you to take photographs; however, tripods are not permitted in the cave.

There are no restrooms at the cave compound. Make sure to use the restroom at the ground level before coming to Dark Cave as restroom is NOT available at the site.

The cave provides a fun and educational environment for people of all ages; however, parents should be responsible for their child’s behaviour to ensure their safe enjoyment of the tour.